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Police officer shot from the territory of sieged police station

A sniper shot from the territory of the police station sieged by Sasna Tsrer armed group in Yerevan killed a police officer, spokesman for Armenian police Ashot Aharonyan has announced.

“Not long ago, a sniper fired from the police station. Police officer Yura Tepanosyan (born in 1986) who was in a car 350-400 meters away from the station was killed,” Aharonyan wrote in his Facebook account.

It is the second police officer killed in the events in Yerevan. On July 17, during a storm attempt Col. Artur Vanoyan was killed.

The Armenian National Security Service announced earlier that the attackers were offered to lay down arms and surrender by 05:00 p.m. local time. Otherwise, special police units would storm the police station and will be allowed firing without warning. The service also warned that anyone who decides to enter the police station will be treated as terrorists’ accomplice. The time limit of the ultimatum is over, but nothing has changed yet.

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