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Moldovan opposition coordinates positions before presidential election

The Moldovan opposition has continued active preparations for the coming presidential election scheduled for this fall. This weekend, leader of Our Party, instigator of protest actions Renato Usatii had a meeting with representatives of territorial organizations of the party.

“Our major task is to coordinate activities of our local teams before a new decisive stage of our fight against the criminal regime,” Usatii said.

They also discussed how to stir up activities aimed at calling early parliamentary elections. The press office of the party reports that rise of protest activities is expected to take place in the near future.

“Our Party will step forward with its own strong candidate, with him we will be fighting to win. It is too early to name the candidate as well as compare ratings. Until all candidates are known, no polls or ratings have sense,” Usatii said.

The opposition leader hopes to resume mass protest actions in mid-fall, before the presidential election. “We feel people’s support, we know in truth is our might and we shall win!” he concluded.

The presidential election is scheduled for October 30. Due to age limits, leader of Our Party Renato Usatii is not eligible to run for presidency.

President in Moldova is elected trough a general voting. On March 4, the Constitutional Court annulled amendments to the constitution made on June 5, 2000. Then, the parliament ruled that the presidential election should be held through voting of MPs (votes of three fifths of the MPs are needed for a candidate to become president). So, the Constitutional Court decided that the algorithm should be as it was before the parliamentary decision. At the same time, it ruled that the candidates must be at least forty to be elected (before it, the age limit was 35 years).

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