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Ukrainians' attempt to break through contact line near Debaltsevo failed

The Ukrainians have failed to break through the contact line near Debaltsevo and have sustained big losses – they have lost some of their strategically significant positions, self-defender, coordinator of non-humanitarian assistance Alexander Zhuchkovsky told EADaily on June 29.

“Not only did they fail to break through but they were even forced to retreat. As of now, the whole territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic is under our control,” Zhuchkovsky said.

He said that the self-defenders sustained no casualties, unlike the Ukrainian army. “I have spoken to doctors in Debaltsevo and they told me that nobody was killed or wounded, while the enemy sustained heavy losses (attackers almost always sustain losses). Our gunmen say that they have shot down at least 20 soldiers as well as several armored vehicles. The Ukrainians have also admitted this and wonder why they were sent for such a hopeless mission,” Zhuchkovsky said.

He added that the Ukrainians did not expect such a rebuff. “They did not expect us to use big guns since they are prohibited by the Minsk agreements. They thought it would be like the Yasinovaty campaign, when they managed to capture a number of positions and to sustain no serious losses,” Zhuchkovsky said.

He noted that the Ukrainian commanders continue organizing provocations and closing their eyes on the losses sustained by their troops.

“For months they have acted consistently to capture first neutral and some of our positions and to get a beneficial configuration in case of a resumed war,” Zhuchkovsky said.

He said that the self-defenders were ready for such an attack. “A week ago we enlarged our troops. Debaltsevo is one of the key positions on the contact line and is crucial for both us and the opposite side,” Zhuchkovsky said.

Earlier, the Ukrainians were reported to capture two strategically significant positions near the village of Logvinovo, near Debaltsevo. Former Defense Minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic Igor Strelkov said that the only way for the self-defenders to make Debaltsevo a safe place was to counterattack and to get back the lost positions. The DPR Defense Ministry has confirmed the fact that the Ukrainians have ceded the positions.

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