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Al Nusra Front carries out subversive activities in Kyrgyzstan

Despite the Kyrgyz authorities’ active efforts to fight terrorist recruiters, they continue to be a big threat for the country, says the National Security Committee of Kyrgyzstan.

The most active recruiter is Al Nusra Front, which is reportedly part of Al Qaeda.

According to the committee, Al Nusra Front is carrying out subversive activities in Kyrgyzstan, in particular, and in Central Asia, in general. This year the committee has detected several cells of that organization and has arrested a number of mine-planters. “We have also detected a number of arms caches,” the committee says.

As a result of their active efforts, the Kyrgyz authorities have managed to reduce the number of those going to wars – from 125 people annually during the previous year to 20-25 people this year (mostly from Osh region).

According to Kyrgyzstan’s Foreign Ministry, a total of 508 people have gone to Syria and Iraq from the country so far (almost 100 of them were women).

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