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Committees for protection of independence and territorial integrity set up in Moldova

The leader of the opposition Our Party Renato Usatii announced a new wave of mass protest in Moldova.

“We will continue our protests all over Moldova by setting up committees for protecting the country’s independence and territorial integrity,” Usatii said.

After a rally of unionists in Chisinau on Mar 27, Usatii urged the General Prosecutor’s Office to prosecute them for calling for a coup.

“We just want to know who financed the transfer of so many people from Romania and who rented the National Palace,” Usatii said.

He noted that the unionists are not going to organize a referendum to see if the Moldovans want to unite with the Romanians or not.

Throughout the peace talks on Transnistria, the Moldovan authorities assured the Transnistrians that Moldova would not lose its independence as this requires a nationwide referendum. “Now it turns out that they were lying, were they?” Usatii said.

He has asked Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti to express his position on this issue but has received no comments yet.

As EADaily reported earlier, almost 5,000 unionists from Moldova and Romania marched in the center of Chisinau on Mar 27 with calls for unification. Later they set up Sfatui Tarii-2 (National Council-2) and adopted a declaration saying that by 2018 Moldova will join Romania. 2018 will be the 100th year of unification of Bessarabia and Romania.

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