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Incident in security zone – Chisinau and Tiraspol unable to come to terms

One more incident registered in the security zone has questioned the progress in the Moldovan-Transnistrian peace talks: a group of Transnistrian policemen were detained by their Moldovan counterparts when carrying out investigative activities in Severny community.

“The Transnistrian policemen were investigating into a murder but were kept by their Moldovan counterparts in Varnita for three hours,” Head of the Transnistrian Delegation to the Joint Control Commission Oleg Belyakov said.

The policemen were set free only following the arrival of the commandant of Bender. A similar incident took place in Varnita on Feb 4 2016.

The Transnistrian authorities believe that the problems occurring between the Transnistrian and Moldovan policemen in the security zone come from the decision by Moldova’s Interior Ministry to terminate its bilateral agreements with the Transnistrian side.

“The ministries signed their first agreement in 1998 and prolonged it in 2001. Crime has no borders, so, the agreements were supposed to help policemen from both sides to investigate crimes and to catch criminals. In 2004 the Moldovans said that the agreements were contrary to their constitution and terminated them. And now we are facing the consequences,” Belyakov said.

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