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2015: the year of “accelerated formation of a new world order”

2015 was the year of accelerated formation of a new poly-center world, says Alexander Mikhaylenko, foreign policy expert from the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.


In an interview to EADaily, he says that some big non-Western nations are becoming more and more decisive in their wish to be leaders in the world. And this is causing more and more conflicts. The West is trying to concentrate its power in international institutions but the latter are facing a crisis and may one day be replaced by new ones.


The European Union is facing lots of economic and social problems, coming, particularly, from the UK, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Hungary and Poland. In the United States much depends on who will win the next presidential race.


“Today, lots of people are looking at Russia. We have proved that we can be an independent player. We should offer the world innovative solutions to problems like terrorism. We should try to help Ukraine to overcome its civil war. We should try to find a political solution to the conflict in Syria and some other conflicts,” Mikhaylenko says.


“In order to be attractive to the world, we must act as a leader. This is exactly what President Vladimir Putin wants. But such approaches cannot just emerge in one head. They need joint effort. And this is what I would like to wish the Russians for the next year,” the expert says.

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