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Putin accuses Kiev of silent consent with Crimean energy blockade

Photo: kremlin.ru

The energy blockade of Kiev has become possible because of Kiev’s silent consent with it, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said while starting a meeting of the State Council presidium today.

“We are just astonished by the position of our partners in Kiev. This could not have happened without Kiev’s silent consent, it is evident. They keep saying it is necessary to bring Crimea back to Ukraine and maltreat the people acting in the opposite direction. Well, this is their choice, there is nothing new and astonishing in it,” Putin said.

He stressed the necessity to make all back-up power generators work and lay the first line of the energy bridge by December 20 (with the second one next summer).

“Hopefully, this will come true. The energy ministry has assured me that this could happen even faster. But, please, without compromising the quality,” the Russian president noted.

He thanked Crimeans for their endurance and readiness to overcome certain troubles regarding the energy blockade.

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