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European parliamentarian from Estonia: If EU and Russia fail to unite against IS, it may win

Yana Toom, a European parliamentarian from Estonia has left a post on Facebook saying that “the Islamic State” (a terrorist organization banned in Russia – EADaily) will have a chance for victory unless the European Union and Russia agree to fight it together.

“I took flowers to the French Embassy. It suddenly struck me: it is turning into a routine – we took flowers to the Russian Embassy some two weeks ago. Those two weeks was the only delay Europe could afford. More truly, it couldn’t, but did it and paid with human lives. ‘The Islamic State’ has claimed the responsibility for the mega terror attacks in Paris. Even if it was an autonomous group behind the terror attacks in Paris, the IS has already become a symbol and inspiration for those who commit crimes taking refuge in religious slogans. Meantime, ‘the Islamic State' is dangerous not only because terrorists and radicals mercilessly kill innocent people. ‘The Islamic State’ is dangerous as an alternative project for the future Middle East and, if they succeed, for the entire world. The IS ideologists are religious fundamentalists that propagate counter civilization. They deny what the modern society is based on and dream of the global revolution,” Toom writes.

“Unfortunately, ‘the Islamic State’ has chances for victory at least in the Middle East. Therefore, Europe needs to welcome any assistance that will lead to the victory over ‘the Islamic State’ in Syria and Iraq and forget about the geopolitical rivalry. We endlessly speak of the discrepancies of Europe and Russia. Meantime, ‘the Islamic State’ considers EU and Russia as twin-brothers. Our prosperity and development is inconsistent with their development and prosperity. However, that dreadful enemy has not united Europe, U.S. and Russia. While we turn a blind eye to the tankers with stolen oil and speak of the European values, human rights and the level of democracy our potential allies must have, the IS militants shoot videos wherein they behead people, rape and execute children and destroy monuments,” the politician recalls.

“A couple of days ago, together with my colleague from the European parliament, we organized a conference on Russia’s role in resolution of the Syrian conflict. We had brilliant keynote speakers and a heated discussion. Representatives of nine embassies, including the ones of the Middle East were present at the event. A newspaper in Estonia agreed to publish the news about it. Earlier today, an elderly Estonian taxi-driver knowingly addressed the terror attacks in Paris saying ‘they in Europe.’ Actually many (not just taxi-drivers!) forgot that we are Europe too. A flight from Paris to Tallinn takes two hours.”

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