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Ukrainian Opposition Bloc calls on Kiev authorities to stop political repressions

Photo: rbc.ua

The Opposition Bloc has called on the Kiev authorities to stop repressing oppositionists and has urged the world community to react to the repressions.

“The recent events in the parliament were nothing but repressions. So, we are urging the world community to react to the actions of the Kiev authorities and to prevent them from using law enforcers against oppositionists. By doing this the authorities are trying to distract people’s attention from their corrupt and inefficient rule. No reforms, growing unemployment, skyscraping prices. We are living on tick and are falling into an abyss,” the Opposition Bloc says in its statement.

Since Oct 31, the Ukrainians have been watching how the ruling regime was struggling for control over corrupt earnings. The show ended in the arrest of Hennadiy Korban, Ihor Kolomoisky’s man. The key goal of this campaign is to cover the authorities’ efforts to rig the local elections.

The other goal is to distract people’s attention from the rise in tariffs. The rise has made most of the Ukrainians insolvent and has put Ukraine on the verge of a social upheaval. “For fear of this, the ruling regime has begun to persecute and intimidate its own people,” says the Opposition Bloc.

As EADaily reported earlier, on Nov 2 Opposition Bloc MPs Oleksandr Vilkul, Vadim Novinsky and Natalia Korolevska were invited to the Prosecutor General’s Office for an interrogation. A representative of the office said that if the guilt of Vilkul and Korolevska was proved, they would be arrested. As regard Novinsky, he is ready to testify.

On Nov 2, Self-Reliance Party twitted that the leader of its parliamentary group Oleh Berezyuk had also been subpoenaed to testify.

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