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Poroshenko to supporters of firearms legalization: Go fighting in Donbass

Photo: mk.ru

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has not supported the idea of firearms legalization in Ukraine. When asked by reporters on a petition for firearms legalization, the Ukrainian president said supporters of the petition do not represent the whole Ukrainian society.

“I am an ardent supporter of the petitions mechanism, but this is not the will of the people. It is for drawing attention only,” he said. According to Poroshenko, only 11% of Ukrainians speak for arms legalization, while 82% oppose it. “Undoubtedly, I share the views of those 82%. I do not support those wanting to wander the streets with guns, which will destabilize the situation. If one wants to use guns, let one go to a military recruiter office, train, undergo tests and go to Donbass,” Poroshenko offered.

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As EADaily reported earlier, on July 2, the Ukrainian Supreme Rada passed a bill allowing citizens address the government with online petitions. A petition addressed to the president needs to have 25,000 signatures to be reviewed. The arms legalization petition collected the needed quantity of signatures on September 4. The presidential administration then promised to give a response within ten days.

It should be mentioned that the Small Arms Survey (Switzerland) says the amount of illegal arms in Ukraine is supposedly from 2 to 6 mn units.

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