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Moldova wants to resume association talks with Transnistria

Moldavian Foreign Minister Natalie Gherman. Photo: tvc.ru

Moldova insists on the urgent resumption of the 5+2 peace talks (Moldova and Transnistria as conflicting parties, Russia and Ukraine as guarantors, the OSCE as mediator, and the EU and the US as observers), Moldavian Foreign Minister Natalie Gherman said in an interview to RFE/RL.

She said that Moldova had a stable government and a prime minister, who are ready for a constructive dialogue with Transnistria.

“We have analyzed all the steps we should take to facilitate Moldova’s reintegration. The most important thing is that here we enjoy the support of our partners – the OSCE, the US and the EU, who are always ready to make this process easier for us,” she said.

According to Gherman, they in Tiraspol have not yet said if they are ready to apply the association agreement that will take force in Moldova on Jan 1, 2016. “We keep informing them about the advantages of the agreement, one of them being the opportunity to export goods and services to Europe. We are coordinating these efforts with our partners with the European Union,” Gherman said.

According to her, Moldova is taking active measures to harmonize its economy and agriculture with the requirements of the EU’s deep and comprehensive free trade area. “I think our efforts will pay off,” Gherman said.

She advised the Transnistrian party not to reject the benefits of the free trade area.

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