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Serbia: Many speculate on Armenian Genocide issue for petty political interests

Many speculate on the issue of the Armenian Genocide for their petty political interests and apply double standards. The statement came from Tomislav Nikolić, the president of Serbia, at the ceremony honoring the Armenian Genocide martyrs, on April 24, in Yerevan, an EADaily correspondent on the spot reports.

“We have no moral right to forget about the Genocide victims. We cannot let ourselves and others bury in oblivion the shocking facts of the past.  We strongly condemn any attempt to distort the historical facts and ignore the memory of the martyrs,” Nikolic said.   He said the world is experiencing a period when political interests determine the readiness of people to call the things by their proper names.

 “Today we are here and we are well aware of the undisputable truth and the consequences of that tragedy for the humankind. Such tragedy should never happen again," he said. "In the age of double standards when many speculate on the issue of Genocide for petty political interests, and the victims of Genocides and pogroms are presented as criminals, we - representatives of the Serbian people that suffered huge losses during all the wars of the last years - could not but be here today," Nikolic said.

Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades, in turn, said Armenia and Cyprus condemn the Genocide, as both the countries are victims of impunity. “We ought to say that it cannot be left unpunished,” he said. The histories of the two countries are interconnected as both the countries fought and survived, the president said. He welcomed the determined stand of his Armenian counterpart Serzh Sargsyan on the issue.

“We are here to show our respect for the Armenian people that survived due to their strength and blood,” Anastasiades said. He is sure that it is the duty of the humankind to pay tribute to the Armenian Genocide victims. “We remember and demand!” he said for conclusion.

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