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DNR defense ministry: Logvinovo was not captured, attacks of Ukrainian troops repulsed

Today, on February 12, commander of the Donbass Ukrainian battalion Semen Semenchenko announced that the Ukrainian Armed Forces took Logvinovo by storm and were cleansing the nearby part of the road. However, in reality, the self-defense forces are taking the lead in the fight for Logvinovo.

In order to get out of the mousetrap, Ukrainian forces are carrying two simultaneous operations, near Debaltsevo and outside, from the town of Svetlodarsk, however, the self-defense forces are successful in warding off the attacks. The struggle broke out near the settlement of Logvinovo, which takes a strategic position on the way from Debaltsevo to Artyomovsk. During the talks in Minsk, the Ukrainian party denied that the Ukrainian troops were surrounded near Debaltsevo. After the statement by Petro Poroshenko, the Ukrainian forces intensified their attacks against Logvinovo.

During the whole period of the talks in Minsk, the Ukrainian troops continued bombarding Uglegorsk and nearby territories, although they did not attack massively. After the announcement of the proposed ceasefire from February 15 that was made at midday, the Ukrainian troops intensified their onsurge at Debaltsevo trying to breach the noose.

Before it, the Ukrainian troops bombarded both military and civil facilities in Uglegorsk. As a result of it, part of the Gorlovka – Uglegorsk road was destroyed.

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