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Russian Orthodox Church urges Muslims to join it against threat of inter-religious war

While speaking at the 10th International Muslim Forum in Moscow, Head of the Church-Society Relations Department of the Russian Orthodox Church, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin said that Orthodox Christians and Muslims must consolidate against global challenges so as to prevent an inter-religious war.

«Theologically, we are different, but our visions of the present and the future of our societies and the mission of our believers have much in common, we are facing common challenges,” Chaplin said.

He said that those advocating pseudo-humanism and pseudo-economics, those seeking to free man from moral values are losing their ideological war against those who know what real morals are. «The civilization of sin has no arguments against people who believe. As a result, more and more people are beginning to realize that a civilization living for pragmatic goals only has no future,” Chaplin said.

«Having lost this war of ideologies, our opponents may try to plot a real warfare between Orthodox Christians and Muslims or clashes among Christians or among Muslims. They may try to subdue us by using political, economic, information and propaganda weapons. So, we must be wise and careful towards each other,” Chaplin said.

«What we need is a true civilization of eternal moral values given to us by eternal God, a civilization where priority is given to spiritual values, common interest, fair economics, honest labor, where people can live freely on their own will, where regimes obey to people and do what they tell them to do,” Chaplin said.

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