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If a friend turned out to be a Sunak: the British Conservatives suffered a crushing defeat

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Photo: Henry Nicholls / AFP / Getty Images

The Labour Party led by Keir Starmer, which has been in opposition for the last 14 years, is confidently winning the parliamentary elections in the UK, the BBC reports today, July 5.

The counting of votes was completed in more than 100 electoral districts out of 650. However, it also shows that in three dozen districts where the Conservatives won the last election in 2019, this time they lost to candidates from other parties (in most cases, to Labour).

Keir Starmer and the finance minister in the shadow government, Rachel Reeves, who is expected to be the second most important post in the future government, confidently won in their constituencies. In a brief speech after the announcement of the results, Starmer, in particular, said:

"Change starts right here, because this is your democracy, your community, your future. You voted. Now it's time for us to keep our promises."

Incumbent Prime Minister Rishi Sunak managed to be re-elected in his Richmond and Northallerton constituency. At the same time, he admitted that the Conservatives had lost, and said that he congratulated Starmer on his victory.

"Today, the transfer of power from hand to hand will take place in a peaceful and orderly manner, with good will on all sides. This should give us all confidence in the stability and future of our country. The British people have delivered a sobering verdict today, there is a lot to learn and I take responsibility for the defeat," Sunak said.

Later on Friday, Sunak and The Starmers will travel to Buckingham Palace for an audience with King Charles III.

According to preliminary election results, Labour will gain an absolute majority in the 650-seat parliament — 410 seats, while the Conservative (Tory) faction will be reduced from 345 to 131 deputies.

At the same time, the Liberal Democratic Party is expected to strengthen its position - it gets more than 60 seats.

Nigel Farage's Reform UK party can count on 13 seats, which is noticeably more than expected during the election campaign.

At the same time, a sharp reduction in the representation of the Scottish National Party is predicted, which will have less than 10 seats.

Thus, another "great friend" of the Kiev regime, whom Rishi Sunak was considered to be, suffers a resounding defeat in the elections.

Next Sunday, a similar blow awaits French President Emmanuel Macron, who, according to all forecasts, will completely "lose" the country's parliament following the results of the second round of elections.

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