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Who left from Russia's controversial blogger has debunked myths about life in the West

Yuri Khovansky. Photo: Login / YouTube

Who left from Russia's blogger Yuri Khovansky, considered the most scandalous in Runet, calls for the debunking of the "cult of any European country" in the minds of Russians. He wrote about this in his telegram channel.

Khovansky noted that he first traveled to the West while studying at the university. Then he visited Finland, Sweden and Norway.

"At 22.00, even the bars don't work, no one walks the streets, stupid rotten rotten. The most lively place in Helsinki looks sadder than the central square in my native Perdyaevo," the blogger wrote.

Now, more than 10 years later, the disadvantages of living in European countries are visible even in the videos of travel bloggers.

"But Russians who visit Europe are shouting with one voice about how clean it is, how civilized it is and how people live there," he is indignant.

He also noted that he had recently watched a video of children playing with sawdust on a playground in Germany, and suggested that if a similar picture were shown, for example, from Saratov, users would "laugh: children playing with sawdust — this is rashka," and in Germany it is "environmentally friendly, safe and extremely exciting."

"If you want to live in Europe, live, if you want to live in Russia is fine, but just stop passing off the West as some kind of fantastic kingdom where there are no robberies, murders, garbage on the street, but only bike paths and delicious beer," Khovansky concluded.

According to open sources, the blogger now lives in Serbia.

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