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The "kid" besieged Carlson: Zelensky has a "completely different schedule"

Vladimir Zelensky and Joe Biden. Photo by Alex Wong / Getty Images

The press service of the President of Ukraine denied the statement of American journalist Tucker Carlson that he had arranged an interview with Vladimir Zelensky. The corresponding denial was distributed on social networks today, July 4, by the press secretary of the head of the Kiev regime, Sergei Nikiforov.

Late Wednesday, Carlson posted a tweet saying that he "seems to have arranged an interview with Zelensky," noting that he had been trying to do so for the past two years and redoubled his efforts after interviewing Vladimir Putin earlier this year.

"My goal is to convey to the Americans much—needed information about the conflict, which completely changes their country's position in the world. Hopefully soon," he wrote.

In response, Zelensky's office indicated that "Mr. Tucker Carlson should check his sources in the FSB more carefully" and "the president of Ukraine has a completely different schedule, and Tucker Carlson is not there."

In February 2024, Carlson interviewed the head of the Russian state. In it, Putin spoke, in particular, about the prerequisites of the conflict with Ukraine and the state of the negotiation process. The Russian President then noted that negotiations with Kiev in 2022 were almost completed, but after the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Ukrainian capital, the local authorities "threw out" all agreements, and then Zelensky legally prohibited negotiations with Russia.

As you can understand, the dislike of the head of the Kiev regime for the American journalist is connected not only with the fact of his February conversation with the Russian leader, which received wide resonance in the world media. Former US President Donald Trump announced in November 2023 that he could appoint former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson as his vice president in the US presidential election.

"I would say yes. He is a man with common sense," Trump said in response to a question about whether he intends to propose Carlson to run for vice president.

Meanwhile, Kiev does not hide that they treat Joe Biden's predecessor in the White House with great prejudice and no less pronounced apprehension.

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