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Ukrainian expert: Nord Stream 2 will be built despite US sanctions

The USA will not be able to derail construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline with the threat of sanctions, Ukrainian energy expert Dmitry Marunich has said.

“First of all, I would pay attention to statements made by German officials. They directly state that the US is openly lobbying its interests and wants to increase its share in the EU gas market, while the gas will be more expensive than the one received through Nord Stream 1 and can be potentially more expensive than the gas that is received from Nord Stream 2. Probably, the USA will try to impose sanctions, but it is unclear what will be the fate of the process. As far as I know, the sanctions process envisages that they will be coordinated with the governments of EU countries, first of all, with Germany. Evidently, it will take some time. And we will see the final within a year,” the expert said.

According to Marunich, even if the sanctions are imposed, the Nord Stream 2 will be constructed anyway. Evident response of the Gemrna government and companies confirms this. At the same time, Ukraine will retain its status of the Russian gas transit country, however, the amounts of gas transited will significantly cut, as a result, Kiev will lose profit.

“Anyway, even Russian officials and representatives of Gazprom say the transit will remain. The question is about amounts. Most probably, they will be insignificant,” the expert said.

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