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Kiev finds it necessary to “preserve Russia’s dependence” on Ukraine

The Ukrainian gas transmission system that earns large revenues to the state budget due to the Russian gas transit to Europe will become scrap metal, if Russia implements its Nord Stream 2 project and stops supplying gas to Europe via Ukraine, Anton Gerashchenko, Ukrainian MP, has told 112 Ukraine TV channel.

He noted that Ukraine need to “preserve Russia’s dependence” on the gas transit. “The matter is that when Russia stop needing the Ukrainian territory as a place for its gas transit, chances of a military attack are growing,” the MP said adding that the state budget of Ukraine will lose the transit revenues.

He also called the United States to introduce sanctions against those companies who want to become subcontractors in the Nord Stream project.

Earlier, Gazprom Deputy CEO Alexander Medvedev did not rule out construction of Nord Stream 3, should Europe need new gas transmission projects. According to Medvedev, Gazprom repeatedly confirmed its readiness to supply as much gas to Europe as it needs.

The Nord Stream 2 project envisages construction of two main pipelines with a total annual capacity of 55 bn cubic meters of gas from the Russian shore via the Baltic Sea to Germany.

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