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Ryabkov: OPCW experts cannot enter Douma without UN permission

Experts of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons cannot enter the Syrian town of Douma, as they have no consent from the United Nations Department of Safety and Security, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov has announced today.

“The problem was that the experts of the OPCW had no permission to come to the scene in Douma. That is why, as far as I understand, outcomes of the unlawful military action that the UK with a group of other countries perpetuated last Saturday night.”

Meanwhile, London has already accused Russia and Syria in not allowing the experts leave.

“This has become a style of the modern London: to put the whole blame on Moscow and try to ascribe some actions to us in which we are not involved,” Ryabkov said. He explained that the Russian foreign ministry derives from the fact that Western countries have no intentions of bombing Syria again. “I proceed from what was sounded by officials of several countries saying that there are no actual plans to continue the strikes. If something of the kind happens in the near future, this will only increase the division between sober-minded forces in the international community. I am sure that the group of countries who are responsible towards the international law will be joined by others, and this group of sound forces will be showing a growingly decisive political rebuff to such infringements upon the foundations of the international relations,” he said.

“Meanwhile, the UN Department of Safety and Security does not give its permit for the OPCW experts visiting the supposed location of the incident. So, not everything is fine with the security there,” the diplomat noted.

As EADaily reported, the Syrian military command announced last week it had taken Eastern Gouta under its full control. However, today, reports were published that in Douma hotbeds of the Islamists’ resistance still remain; clashes continue between the fighters of the Syrian National Guard and remnants of the Jaysh al Islam group. The clashes started at al-Rahmani where, according to local citizens, a large weapons warehouse of the militants is located.

On April 14, the USA, Great Britain and France delivered strikes on facilities that, according to their data, are engaged in production and storing of chemical weapons.

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