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Shamanov: If U.S. strikes Syria, we will take "even military measures"

In case U.S. launches strikes on Syria, Russia will retaliate taking all political and diplomatic measures. Vladimir Shamanov, head of State Duma Committee for Defense, representative of Yedinaya Rossia Party made such statement at a plenary meeting of the parliament, today, on April 10.

“Double standards policy has hit the red line. Yedinaya Rossia Party states with all responsibility that all political, diplomatic and, if needed, even military measures will be taken. Any unlawful actions will be retaliated,” he said.

Shamanov was outraged with U.S. President Donald Trump’s statements on possible strikes on Syria. “They will not succeed with their warships and fakes. We are a sovereign state, we have allies and we guarantors of what is taking place in Syria now. We will not let Americans make a cat's-paw of other people,” he said.

Shamanov is sure that it is necessary to respond “in a weighted and responsible manner.” “Look, nine members of UN Security Council initiated an urgent meeting on alleged chemical attack on Syria. Today, military chemists have confirmed in the presence of Syrian administration representatives that no traces of any chemical attack were identified at the educational center where those fake videos were shot, no victims have been identified. This is a pure provocation!”

Besides, Shamanov recalled the missile attack by Israel’s air force on T-5 military airbase in Homs province. “Violating international law, a couple of aircrafts of Israel entered Lebanon’s airspace and targetted the neighboring sovereign state…directly the airbase of Syrian armed forces. This increases the number of the parties to the conflict,” he said. Shamanov emphasized that Israel failed to inform Russia “through either General Staff or Foreign Ministry of Russia.”

As EADaily reported earlier, on April 8, a series of NGOs, including Syrian White Helmets reported “a chemical attack on Douma, in Eastern Gouta, that resulted in dozens of casualties. Local residents were hospitals with symptoms of intoxication.” Although Russian Defense Ministry warned against prepared staging of chemical attack, Washington supported the fake reports.

On April 9, T-4 airbase in Homs was targeted in a missile attack. Israel’s F-15 falcons hit the target from Lebanon’s airbase.

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