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Arrested Savchenko proposed to change the political system of Ukraine

Arrested in late March on suspicion of preparing a terrorist act in the building of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine, Nadezhda Savchenko turned to Ukrainians from the remand prison with her own concept of changing the country's political system. The text was posted on her Facebook page.

To begin with, she suggests conducting a population census, since "the demographic, economic, political situation in the country has deteriorated significantly." According to Savchenko, the census is necessary to determine the real data for any analytical and financial-economic calculations.

In addition, according to the MP, "it is necessary to conduct a nation-wide certification of all settlements without exception, to carry out an inventory of natural resources." She also proposes to change the electoral system and the administrative structure of Ukraine.

Earlier, as EADaily already reported, the head of the Social and Political Platform of Nadia Savchenko party Vera Savchenko asked US President Donald Trump to pay attention to the situation with the arrest and criminal prosecution of her sister, parliamentarian Nadezhda Savchenko. The latter does not consider herself guilty, stating that her persecution is a political order of the current government.

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