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Cutting capacity of Turkish Stream: Gazprom to dismantle 506 km of pipes

Gazprom has announced request for proposals to draft documentation for dismantling and preserving the equipment of unfinished construction of the Eastern Corridor due to a double cut of the Turkish Stream pipeline capacity. 506km of the Pochinki-Anapa route, Southern Corridor and Morshansk gas metering station are to be dismantled, materials of the holding say.

The pipes are in the territories of four Russian regions. Third and fourth stages of Russkaya, Kazachya, Korenovskaya gas compressing stations are to be preserved until a decision is made to complete construction of the facilities, Gazprom announced.

Under results of 2016, Gazprom recognized diminution of value of the unfinished facilities worth almost 46bn RUR due to uncertainty of the South Stream project implementation, reminds Interfax.

The Turkish Stream gas pipeline project was announced by President Vladimir Putin in December 2014 to replace the South Stream project. However, a crisis in the relations between Russia and Turkey resulted in suspension of the talks.

Two lines of the Turkish Stream pipeline will deliver 31.5 cubic meters of gas annually bypassing Ukraine. The first stretch is to supply gas to Turkey’s domestic market (12bn c m), the rest 3.5bn c m to supplied by this route are to be transmitted to the Southern Gas Corridor (under construction now) from Azerbaijan to Greece and Italy, the Turkish authorities promised.

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