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Expert: Some countries may follow “anti-Banderite” example of Poland

Adoption of the “anti-Banderite” law in Poland may prompt sanctions against a series of Ukrainian politicians. Kiev still underestimates the consequences of that decision by Warsaw, political analyst Ruslan Bortnik told a press conference in Kiev, according to PolitNavigator.

“The law that was passed in Poland is the most painful foreign diplomacy blow over Ukraine’s political elite over the last three years, not taking into account some financial decisions by our Western partners,” he said.

According to the expert, the Polish law is likely to come into effect and have specific enforcement practices unlike resolutions adopted by PACE, UN, OSCE and other international organizations. Moreover, he said, it will be quite an efficient instrument to manage Ukrainian elites and influence the political situation there.

“We can see that the Polish law does not only envisage three years of imprisonment or a fine for some radicalized Ukrainian communities in the territory of Poland. There are lists of 40 persons banned from Poland already. I think, these lists will expand dramatically covering also members of Kiev City Council and Supreme Rada members, as well as many other politicians,” he continued.

“Poland can introduce large-scale sanctions against Ukrainian political elites, launching not just criminal persecutions, but also closing the Schengen countries, creating obstacles also through the Interpol and various types of financial monitoring,” Bortnik noted.

“Of course, one should not expect any quick effect. I communicate with entrepreneurs in Western Ukraine. Some of them supported the Right forces, the same Svoboda (Freedom political party), and they are shocked to learn that half of the business is in Ukraine and the other half is in Poland. One person supported Svoboda and ran for the local government as representative of that party. Now, he wants to know if he is banned from Poland, if he will be persecuted there and what to wait, at large,” Bortnik said.

Therefore, he said, this law seriously affects the Right forces in Ukraine. “It undermines the economic base of the Rights. Many residents of Western Ukraine will have to think thrice before expressing their views, deciding what political force to support and whether it will deprive them of their right to collect strawberries in Poland, earn money or do business in the territory of Poland.

It is a very painful and so far underestimated blow on the Right forces in Ukraine. Many other our partners may follow that example. In addition, there is Hungary that demands an OSCE Mission to be sent to Zakarpattia,” the expert says.

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