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Dodon: I will not allow Moldovan troops joining NATO forces

Moldovan President Igor Dodon condemned an initiative of the Romanian and Moldovan defense departments to create a joint battalion. According to the president, this is another step towards undermining the status of Moldova's permanent neutrality and its national security.

The Moldovan Commander-in-Chief believes that for the neutrality of Moldova it is unacceptable for the soldiers of the National Army to participate in consolidated units, especially with NATO member countries. "Therefore, signing some incomprehensible agreements on establishing joint paramilitary battalions is a direct violation of the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova," Igor Dodon said.

He also noted that such initiatives, along with the opening of the office of the North Atlantic alliance in Chisinau and constant invitations to the Moldovan National Army to participate in military exercises within the framework of the alliance are acquiring a systemic character. "According to the constitution, Moldova is a neutral state, and as president and guarantor of the constitution, I will not allow the republic to be drawn into geopolitical games that only harm our state," the president concluded.

EADaily reported earlier that Romanian Defense Minister Mihai Fifor, while having a meeting with his Moldovan counterpart Eugen Sturza in Chisinau, discussed cooperation in the strengthening the fighting capacity of the National Army of Moldova. During the meeting, the partners talked about establishing a mixed Moldovan-Romanian battalion. The intergovernmental agreement on military cooperation between Chisinau and Bucharest was signed in 2012.

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