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Poland says explosions caused accident with Kaczyński plane

Several explosions inside the left wing of president Kaczyński’s Tu-154 plane were the cause of the accident near Smolensk that killed the Polish president in 2010, a commission of the Polish defense ministry announced.

The commission says that experts came to conclusion that t5here were several explosions before the plane crashed. They say that collision with a tree was not the reason that destroyed the wing (previously, it was reported that the plane touched a birch with its wing).

However, the Polish commission did not specify what experiments and investigations it conducted to come to such conclusions.

Last December, Russian President Vladimir Putin called nonsense and bluffing Warsaw’s statements that Russia was involved in the accident. Putin reminded that a special commission established after the crash came to conclusion that there had been no explosions onboard.

“There were no explosions there. Polish and Russian experts examined this… We were distressed like you were. One must not invent it from nothing,” Putin said commenting on some statements from Polish officials that explosions took place on the plane and that was allegedly involved in it.

To remind, the Tu-154 plane with Lech Kaczyński crashed during landing to Smolensk North Airport in 2010. 96 people were aboard including eight crew members. The Polish delegation was flying to commemoration ceremony in Katyn. All of them were killed in the crash.

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