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Transnistria offers guarantees for dialogue with Moldova

Vitaly Ignatyev

The Foreign Ministry of Transnistria weighs a mechanism for an effective dialogue between Tiraspol and Chisinau to guarantee implementation of commitments to be undertaken by the sides, says Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatyev.

“Experience shows that no matter who are signatories of the documents, be it presidents of the respectful guarantors and mediators – Russia, Ukraine or others, no matter if the documents are deposited at the OSCE or other international organizations, Chisinau refuses to implement these arrangements and faces no negative consequences, in fact,” Ignatyev says. In this light, he urges an efficient guarantee-based mechanism.

Tiraspol says the required system of mutual guarantees of the sides shall include issue with specific terms of implementation of arrangements into internal legislation. Simultaneously, mediators of the Moldova-Transnistria conflict – Russia, Ukraine and OSCE - shall be entrusted with a system of external guarantees.

“Arrangements must be implemented even if Chisinau decided to revise them unilaterally,” the Transnistrian foreign ministry says. In such case, Transnistria will be insured against new restrictions by Moldova, including in the field of freight activity and communications.

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