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Fighting terrorism: Have they in USA forgotten the Dr. Frankenstein story?

Today, international terrorism has become a global concern as no single state – be it strong or weak – can feel fully protected any longer. And the key cause of this is the West’s double standard policy: by proclaiming terrorists “fighters for liberty,” they in the West have kindled lots of new wars and have provoked a new migration crisis.

Georgia is one of the vest examples: after the collapse of the Soviet Union, terrorism there had both political and economic implications. Businessmen killed each other for property. One of them was Soliko Khabeishvili, President Shevardnadze’s friend, who was killed allegedly in a dispute for the ski resort of Gudauri.

The murder of Gia Chanturia was also politically motivated. Former Georgian president Eduard Shevardnadze survived two life attempts. First president of Georgia Zviad Gamsakhurdia was killed in unknown circumstances.

Naturally, Georgia cannot be aside of global trends. Lots of Georgians are fighting for ISIL and even have high ranks there.

It is not a secret that Georgia is a transit corridor for fighters moving from Azerbaijan, the North Caucasus and Turkey to Syria.

So, the risk of terrorist attacks is high there. A few years ago, such an attack was registered in Lapankuri, a few days ago, in Tbilisi. And each one claimed human lives.

Since terrorism is a global evil, it must be opposed by the whole world. But, in reality, we observed quite different stories: many of the Chechen fighters, who acted against their own people and who killed the leader of Chechnya Akhmad Kadyrov, fled to Georgia, where they found shelter, recovered and continued their dirty activities.

One of the possible organizers of the last terrorist attack in Georgia is Chechen fighter Akhmet Chatayev, who, instead of being punished, just like many other fighters, was granted refugee status in Europe and easily joined ISIL.

In Syria, Russia has repeatedly asked the Western coalition to differentiate terrorists from moderate oppositionists but has received no clear answer so far – simply because there is no difference between those two forces.

In Syria, Russia has won a sensational victory, but it is not final as hundreds of emissaries are still being sent to Central Asia, the North Caucasus, Tatarstan and Bashkortostan to tempt local Muslims with money and demagogic ideas.

As a result, more and more people from different ethnic, religious, age and social groups are joining ISIL.

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While being U.S. President, Barack Obama qualified terrorism as one of the biggest global challenges. But he also had to admit that the United States has strongly contributed to this situation.

No matter who Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi were, one thing is clear: their deaths have made things even worse.

Of course, they in the West can pretend that Al Qaeda, the Taliban and ISIL came out of the blue. Today, everybody knows that those forces were founded and sponsored by the U.S. special services with a view to help them change the global order and to ensure the United States’ dominance in the world.

Today, the United States is becoming more and more like a dinosaur, whose physical strength prevails over its tiny intellect.

The Americans certainly know the Dr. Frankenstein story, but they seem to neglect its concept: any person who creates a monster may one day become victim to it. As a result, they keep falling into one and the same trap. They first spend billions of US dollars to create monsters and then spend as much just to destroy them. And they always do it at the expense of other nations. They have already ruined Libya and Iraq and are trying to ruin Syria.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, terrorism gained access to a territory where it would have never survived in the Soviet times – to the so-called post-Soviet area, where it found fertile soil in the form of Islamic Fundamentalism. Everybody knows how much money external forces spent in some post-Soviet republics so as to form different NGOs and to brainwash the locals.

Russia is familiar with the evil grin of terrorism. It has suffered lots of terrorist attacks. Terrorists like posing as heroes and protectors of nations but, in reality, they don’t care a bit for high ideal and values. Their target is ordinary people. It makes no difference for them whom to kill: children in a school, patients in a hospital, spectators in a theater. They don’t care who those people are: Russians in Nord-Ost or Chechens in a stadium in Grozny.

Their goal is to kill innocent people. What ideas should one proclaim to be able to justify a human throat cut on-camera?

How many more bloody terrorist attacks should there be in American, British, French, Belgian, Russian and other streets for humanity to finally realize that nobody must use terrorists for personal purposes?

And those who are going to do it must remember the Dr. Frankenstein story.

As they say, this story is not true but there is a hint in it…

David Kupatadze (Tbilisi)

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