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Serb List party severs relations with Kosovo “president”

The Serb List, a political party of Kosovo Serbs, has frozen the relations with Kosovo “president” Hashim Thaci, saying his policy towards Kosov Serbs is anti-constitutional and harms Serbian people.

The party sent a letter to Thaci on November 14 saying that the Serb List is the strongest political organization of Kosovo Serbs, so it has the maximum responsibility for the rights and interests of the Serbian people to be observed. “The outcomes we have shown at the parliamentary and local elections let us take any democratic steps to fulfill our mission,” the Serbian Beta news agency cites the letter.

The party holds Thaci responsible for the dismal situation Serbs have been facing in Kosovo. They stress that Thaci interferes into political activities of Kosovo Serbs and is trying to plant his agents among Serbian politicians in Kosovo. He also ignores the status of the Serbian language guaranteed by the constitution and discriminates Serbs and other non-Albanian minorities in Kosovo.

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The Serb List says it is ready to resume contacts with the Kosovo “president” only after he abandons such political practice.

EADaily reminds that the Serb List participated in recent parliamentary and municipal elections in the separatist Kosovo intending to join the Kosovo “parliament” and use its influence to improve the position of Serbs in the southern Serbian territory that declared its independence in 2008. Some experts criticize the strategy of the Serbian government that supported participation of the Serb List in the Kosovo elections. The experts believe that presence in the government of Ramush Haradinaj who is accused by Serbia in military crimes cannot contribute to protection of Serbian population’s interests.

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