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Heart cry: citizen predicts revolution in Latvia

A Latvian national Intars Leitans has published a Facebook post, where he says that if things in Latvia continue to be the way they are, the country may face a revolution. As many as 5,000 users have already shared the post.

Leitans is indignant that the Latvian MPs have once again raised their salaries. “The deputies have raised their salaries by 200 EUR and keep talking about demography! They in Cesis have closed their birthing center, with more Latvian city to do the same in near future! You may find as many excuses as you wish but you are still thieves and thugs! You receive lots of bonuses while a dentist for my child costs me 400 EUR! And if I need an eye doctor, I have to wait for as long as three months! Compulsory vehicle insurance and road tax are growing like nettle in spring! But our roads are still awful! We are in deep shit and you are increasing your salaries! Do we need a revolution!?”

According to mixnews.lv, in Latvia ministers get several thousands of EUR a month but will get 200 EUR more next year. In contrast, the minimum wage will be raised by just 50 EUR. Over the last four years, the ministers’ wages have been increased by 45%: from 2,612 EUR in 2015 to 4,020 EUR in 2018. As of Sept 2017, Latvian Finance Minister Dana Reinzniece-Ozola had the highest salary among the Latvian ministers – 2,953 EUR.

There are also bonuses: for the prime minister the bonus rate is 4.93, for the ministers 4.68, for the MPs 3.2.

In the meantime, in the first half of this year, Latvia registered 10,175 births or 990 fewer than in the first half of 2016. The mortality rate is 14,923 or 10 deaths more than a year before.

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