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Georgia clearly supports Spain’s sovereignty: president

Georgia clearly supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Spain, President Giorgi Margvelashvili has written in a letter to King of Spain Felipe VI.

“Centuries-long ties of our people and common values are a solid basis for the successful relations Georgia and Spain are developing now. That is why I would like to assure you that Georgia and the Georgian people do clearly support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Spain,” press office of the Georgian president reports.

The Georgian president stressed that his country “is well acquainted with the separatist threat” and added that since the day of restoring its independence Georgia has been struggling for its statehood, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“I am sure that protection of founding principles of the international law and unity of the international community will allow settling the current problems,” Margvelashvili is quoted as saying in the letter.

On October 1, Catalonia held an independence referendum; majority of the voters spoke supported separation from Spain. Despite that fact, the Constitutional Court of Spain called the referendum illegal, while Madrid pointed out to numerous violations during the voting process. After the referendum, Catalonia refused to take an unambiguous position whether they will declare independence or not. Instead, the authorities of the autonomy offered starting talks. Before that, Spain’s prime minister announced that the Catalonian government would be dismissed, and the parliament would be re-elected. The decision was taken in accordance with Article 155 of the Spanish constitution. To enact the article, the Senate voted for it. It lets the Madrid government dismiss more than a hundred officials and introduce the direct rule in the autonomy.

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