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Dodon: Transnistria must be represented in Moldovan parliament

Igor Dodon

Moldova’s President Igor Dodon has responded to a legislative initiative on switching to single-mandate constituencies submitted by the leader of the Democratic Party of Moldova Vlad Plahotniuc.

According to the president, “the initiative is undermining democratic foundations the way they were laid when Moldova gained independence.”

“There will be no single-mandate elections. … I will strongly oppose this non-democratic reform that is aimed at breaching the party system in this country,” Dodon said.

At the same time, he agreed that several substantial changes should be made in the election process. As he said, “a more effective way of MPs selection and establishing the political class will be taken,” but this will be done not by killing the parties and appropriating the elections “as the Democratic Party suggests.”

“First of all, we need to give a right to the Diaspora to participate in election processes through opening more polling stations abroad,” the president said.

He suggested that polling stations are opened in Transnistria and allow its residents run for the Moldovan parliament. “Without Transnistrian citizens’ participation, our parliament cannot represent the whole country. If we want to unite the country, we must be more open both politically and electorally,” he stressed.

Besides, he suggested cutting the number of parliamentarians from 101 to 71.

“The electoral system needs to be reformed, but not the way Plahotniuc suggests, not fundamentally. I comprehend that for this end, the Socialists need a parliamentary majority as soon as possible, desirably at snap parliamentary elections,” the Moldovan leader concluded.

On March 6, Vlad Plahotniuc proposed to introduce a single-mandate voting system at parliamentary elections. In case this reform is performed, citizens will be able to vote for any potential MP separately. The novelty suggests that the electorate will have an opportunity to withdraw an MP, if the latter does not meet their expectations.

The Moldovan leader said that such a reform in the electoral system is inadmissible.

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