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Moldovan parliament discusses federalization

The Moldovan Socialist Party represented in the parliament has expressed its support to President Igor Dodon for “measures to unite the country and settle the Transnistrian conflict.”

The party drafted and presented to the public a project of re-integration of the Republic of Moldova based on federalization.

“Federalization of Moldova is the only solution to the Transnistrian conflict,” Dodon said.

The party statement highlights the position expressed Russian President Vladimir Putin on January 17, during the first official meeting with the Moldovan president. Putin noted that Dodon’s dialog with Transnistrian President Vadim Krasnoselsky paved the way for “starting serious, constructive talks on the Transnistrian settlement.”

The Moldovan Democratic Party condemned the federalization idea. The Democrats believe that the Transnistrian conflict can be solved only through dialog on the 5+2 format (Tiraspol and Chisinau as conflicting parties, Russia, Ukraine and the OSCE as mediators, the USA and EU as observers).

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“The idea proposed by the Socialists and President Igor Dodon is not a solution that would promote re-integration of the country, to be more precise, it would open a way for its disintegration,” the Democratic party says. The Moldovan Democrats also say that such an approach may deteriorate the negotiation process.

“The Democratic party will insist upon continuing the dialog in the 5+2 format. Neither the citizens, nor our partners in the dialog, or the constitution allow discussing seriously the prospects of dividing the republic into several federal entities,” they stress.

Political analyst Oazu Nantoi when asked to comment on Dodon’s statements made in Moscow stressed that “the Transnistrian conflict can be solved by the end of the year, if pre-conditions are established in Chisinau to let Russia impose its scenario.”

“On the one hand, the conflict is still unsettled, because the Moldovan authorities are incompetent, coward and corrupt. On the other hand, Russia controls the situation. If Russia sees that there are pre-conditions in Chisinau to impose its scenario, why not? The conflict can be solved by the anniversary of the Great October Revolution,” Nantoi concluded. According to him, now people are watching helplessly how the Republic of Moldova is becoming a buffer zone between Russia and the West.

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Published on January 18th, 2017 01:16 PM
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