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Moldovan opposition to be protesting separately

Leader of the opposition Our Party Renato Usatii has posted in social media he is going to hold his own anti-governmental rally.

No date of the rally has been published yet. Reportedly, the protesters will be demanding among others resignation of the government and snap parliamentary elections along with the presidential one.

“We have our own considerations on how the anti-governmental rally should be prepared and conducted. ‘Our Party’ will organize and hold its own protest shortly. It will be a nice and unexpected action. We have no right just to protest. We ought to win,” Usatii said.

The Dignity and Truth Platform Party scheduled a similar protest action for April 24. Usatii promised that “Our Party” will support that protest and increase its effect by means of a ‘performance.’

EADaily reported earlier that Vasile Năstase, the mastermind of The Dignity and Truth Platform Party said his supporters do not welcome the call of the oppositionist from “Out Party” to arm with automobile tires during the upcoming anti-governmental rally. In his words, the protest of April 24 in the Great National Assembly Square of Chisinau must be peaceful.

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