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Ukrainian expert investigating Malaysian Boeing case wounded in Kiev

Oleksandr Ruvin. Photo: korrespondent.net

Oleksandr Ruvin, Ukraine’s key forensic expert on the Malaysian Boeing case, has attacked in Kiev.

Ruvin is also the head of the expert group on the death of Ukrainian soldiers in Ilovaysk.

According to Ukrainian mass media, Nov 18 evening an unknown man shot at Ruvin when he was going out of his car near his house. Ruvin was wounded in the leg and hip and has undergone surgery. Now his life is no longer under threat, but he still has a bullet in his hip.

Chief Editor of Censor.net.ua Yuri Butusov is sure that Ruvin was attacked because of his professional activities. “He was going to tell me something but when I called him yesterday his wife told me that he was in hospital. The killer did not say anything. Perhaps, he was not going to kill Ruvin but just wanted to scare him. If that was a warning, it was a warning to all forensic experts,” Butusov says.

He believes that this may become a serious problem for Ukraine. “It was a challenge to our law enforcement system. I hope that our Interior Ministry and Security Council will do their best to find the attacker. One of the possible scenarios is that the attack may have been organized by some government officials,” Butusov says.

Ruvin is the only internationally certified explosives expert in Ukraine. He is part of the international commission investigating into the crash of a Malaysian Boeing 777 in Ukraine. Ruvin has a number of facts (he is going to use against Russia and the Donbass self-defenders - EADaily).

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