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Russian naval task force in Caspian Sea strikes ISIL facilities in Syria

On the night of Oct 7, a Russian naval task force in the Caspian Sea launched Kalibr-NK cruise missiles at ISIL facilities in Syria.

According to the press office of Russia’s Defense Ministry, the missiles hit all the targets. The bombing accuracy was within three meters.

The targets were factories producing shells and explosives, command points, ammunition and oil depots and training camps.

The flagship was Dagestan, a vessel with a high-precision Kalibr-NK cruise missile system. Kalibr-NK missiles can fly 50 m high, can follow the terrain and can hit targets 4,000 km away from the home station.

Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu has reported Russia’s President Vladimir Putin that the missiles have hit 11 targets. “Four ships launched 26 missiles at 11 targets in Syria. All of the targets have been destroyed, with no single civilian injured. The attack has proved the high efficiency of the missiles,” Shoygu said.

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