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Two anti-governmental rallies planned for October 4 in Chisinau

Sunday, on October 4, two anti-governmental rallies will be held simultaneously in the center of Chisinau. One of the rallies will be organized by DA («Demnitatea si Adevar» - «Dignity and Truth») civil platform, the other - by the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM) and Out Party political force.

Addressing the tent camp in front of the parliament building, Renato Usatii, the leader of Our Party and Mayor of Bălți, said the joint rally of the Socialists and Our Party will start on October 4 in the afternoon.

Usatii recommended the people to wear warm cloths and have with them hot tea in thermos bottles, as the protests may last long. “After our victory, we will conduct fair elections and people will be free to choose who to vote for,” Usatii said.

DA civil platform will also start its rally in the afternoon, the organizers said a week ago.

It is noteworthy that DA platform launched open-ended protest on September 6. PSRM and Our Party launched their protests on September 27. The demands of the civil platform and the left-wing forces coincide to a large extent.

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