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Emomalii Rahmon fails to keep his promise to people of Tajikistan

Emomalii Rahmon. Photo: 1news. az

The government of Tajikistan has shelved the increase of pensions and salaries of the state-funded employees planned for September 1 due to economic problems, a source in the Cabinet said on August 27.  

“The economic problems of Russia and Kazakhstan have seriously affected the economy of Tajikistan. The budget revenues fell, the somoni keeps falling along with the Russian ruble and Kazakh tenge. Therefore, it was decided to suspend the decision to increase the salaries and pensions. The president’s promise will be fulfilled as soon as possible,” the source said.

Earlier on January 23, in the parliament’s annual address, Emomali Rahmon announced that pensions and salaries of the state-funded employees would be increased on Sept 1.  It was anticipated that the salaries of the employees of the state administration, law-enforcement and security services would be increased by 15%. The salaries in the education sector, minimal pensions were to be increased by 20%.  The salaries in the social sector  and scholarships were to be increased by 25% and 30%, respectively.  In addition, the authorities planned to increase the minimal salary from the current 230 somoni ($40) to 400 somoni (63 dollars).  However, the depreciation of the ruble and tenge, falling money transfers from labor migrants, and general crisis did not let the government ensure the planned state revenues.  The increase of salaries and pensions has been shelved.

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