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Czech Republic becoming one of Moldova’s economic partners in EU

Moldova and the Czech Republic have signed a protocol of trade and economic cooperation in Chisinau. As other European partners refuse to finance Moldova, the given agreement appears to have a positive impact on economy of Moldova that is on the verge of default now.

“The Czech Republic is a reliable partner of Moldova and the countries have implemented many joint projects. On the basis of the given protocol, the parties will be developing the cooperation in the fields of infrastructures, standardization, metrology, conformity assessments etc. In addition, Moldova looks to share best practices and industrial technologies in different sectors of economy,” said Oktavian Kalmyk, the deputy minister of economy of the Moldovan Republic.

Eduard Muřický, the Czech deputy minister of industry and trade, in turn, confirmed the readiness to support the new trade and economic partner in a range of development projects. He said the Czech Republic looks to enhance the relations and cooperation in various sectors and we have opportunities to implement projects in management of wastewaters, solid waste disposal etc.

After ratification of the partnership agreement, the Czech Republic will become one of the key economic partners of Moldova in the European Union. The Republic of Moldova is among the five countries the Czech government is set to develop relations with in 2011-2017. The project is implemented with the support of the Czech Development Agency.

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