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Fire at fuel depot near Kiev not suppressed, a new explosion occurs

The fire that broke out at the oil storage depot near Kiev three days ago has caught the reservoir with 900 cu meters of fuel and 13 oil storage tanks with a storage capacity of 50 cubic meters each as of 8:30am on June 11, according to the State Emergency Situations Service of Ukraine.

303 rescuers and 45 pieces of equipment have been involved to liquidate the fire. Another storage tank exploded at about 10:00am, TSN reports.  Firefighters say the blaze is controllable. They suppose that it is the last large storage tank, the others have burned off.

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As EADaily reported earlier, the fire broke out at the oil depot in Vasilkiv region near Kiev on June 8. The 900 cu meters fuel tank burst into flame. The fire spread over to 16 out of 17 fuel storage tanks at the depot killing three rescuers and an employee of the oil depot. Another 12 were hospitalized with burns.  Ukraine’s Interior Ministry says the depot was not operated in conformity with all the security standards.

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