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Opposition in Ukraine demands Minsk Agreements to be enshrined in law

Ukraine’s leadership fails to implement the Minsk Agreements. Therefore, the Supreme Rada should enshrine the Minsk Agreements in law, Yuriy Boyko, the leader of Ukraine’s Opposition Bloc faction, said in the parliament.

"Ukraine’s leadership is not a step closer to implementing the Minsk Agreements. There is still no progress in settlement of economic problems. Indexation of salaries and pensions amid rising inflation remains a highly charged matter. Nevertheless, the agenda of the Supreme Rada found no place for these issues," Boyko said.

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He said the ruling coalition still cares for its political ambitions only, neglecting the problems of ordinary citizens.

“Today, it is necessary to enshrine the Minsk Agreements in law. In the light of the world community’s efforts to resolve the conflict, the parliament’s inactivity looks at least irresponsible. This is why we urge the ruling coalition to look into the package of bills we have submitted within the framework of the peace plan,” Boyko said.

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