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Kiev sends Alpha Security Services, National Guard, and military hardware to Odessa

As the first anniversary of the tragic events in Odessa and on Kulikovo Field (May 2 2014) is approaching, the Kiev authorities are upgrading the security measures in the city. Alpha Security Services have arrived in Odessa from other regions of Ukraine, along with the security officers and National Guard representatives that fought in the zone of the so-called Kiev’s anti-terrorist operation (ATO).

“Experienced specialists of the Central Department of Ukraine’s Security Council, including those who participate in the ATO, have arrived in Odessa. The head of the ATO at the Security Council of Ukraine (SCU) leads the forces. To upgrade the efficiency and mobility of the counter-terrorist measures, military hardware has been delivered from the ATO zone to Odessa,’ the online newspaper “Trassa E-75” quotes SCU.

According to the “Dumskaya” news portal, more than half of the officers of the Special Operations Center of the SCU (Alpha Group) is in Odessa now.

Local websites have posted many images of military hardware and armed people in uniform in the streets in Odessa.

EADaily reported earlier that wearing masks and St. George Ribbons, as well as use of sound-amplifying devices will be banned in Odessa on May 2.  Both the militia and the Right Sector warn they will be responding rigidly to violations.

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