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About 4,000 protesters in Kiev call for prime minister’s resignation

About 4,000 people have blocked Grushevsky Street in Kiev, urging to provide for the “European living standards” in Ukraine.

The demonstrators are calling for Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s resignation. They have come to the Supreme Rada building where about 1,000 of miners are calling for paying them wage arrears and preserving their jobs. The police have cordoned off the building.

As the city police informed, about 2,000 people came to the Kiev city administration with “some certain claims to the local administration”. It made police close the road traffic in Khreschatyk Street.

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As EAD reported earlier, the day before miners took to the streets of central Kiev claiming to pay wage arrears, stop shutdown of mines and support the industry. As a result, they announced a termless protest action. A group of miners managed to break into the building of the Ukrainian president’s administration, but the talks there finished with no success. Later in the evening, the protesters put a tent camp near the Ukrainian Energy Ministry.

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