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Veniamin Kondratyev appointed as acting governor of Krasnodar Territory

Former deputy governor of Krasnodar Territory Veniamin Kondratyev will be acting governor until new election. He was proposed by ex-governor Alexandr Tkachev and appointed by President Vladimir Putin.

The election is to take place in September.

At a meeting with Tkachev and Kondratyev, Putin said that the latter worked in the territory for a long time before coming to a new position to Moscow. "You are now acting deputy head of the presidential staff. However, the Krasnodar Territory is your homeland, whee you worked and lived long and where you know the situation firsthand. The governor says you are an expirienced specialist and know people and the major industry there, at the same time you are qualified lawyer. I think all this will help you in your work there," the president said.

As EAD reported earlier, today, Vladimir Putin proposed to Alexander Tkachev the post of agriculture minister instead of Nikolay Fedorov who is going to work at the Kremlin administration.

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