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Putin: Armenian Genocide is one of the most horrible events in human history

April 24 2015 is the day mourning one of the most horrible and dramatic events in human history - the Armenian Genocide, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his address to an Armenian Genocide commemoration meeting on April 22.

“A century after we are paying tribute to the memory of all those killed in this tragedy - a tragedy we in Russia have always perceived as our own,” Putin said.

He said that Russia’s attitude was consistent and impartial – there is no excuse to the crime of genocide.

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“The world community must do its best to prevent such atrocities. New generations of Armenians and other nations living in this region must live in peace and quiet and be unaware of the horrors that can be caused by religious strife, aggressive nationalism and xenophobia,” Putin said.

In conclusion, the Russian president wished all Armenians in Armenia and Russia peace and welfare.

April 24 2015 is the day of the 100th year of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire. On that day, President Putin is expected to attend commemoration events in Yerevan.

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