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Ukraine’s Attorney General’s Office reportedly arrested property of Yanukovych’s ex-companion

Attorney General’s Office of Ukraine has arrested posh real estate belonging to Raisa Bohatyryova, former healthcare minister. According to Inter TV, the civil servant who formally lived on the minister’s salary had three apartments in Kiev, apartments in Yalta, a villa in Koncha-Zaspa and two suburban houses.

In the village near Kiev, the ex-minister has a luxurious fenced house with sauna and a tennis court. In the village Plyuti, Bohatyryova has a three-storied mansion that is registered on her son. The mansion is located on a separate island with a special access point, high fence with expensive oak gates, garages for cars and boats and several landing stages.

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“Bohatyryova was provided with a state villa almost on a turnkey basis in the elite village of Koncha Zaspa near Kiev. The villa needed just some furnishing. However, the ex-minister levelled the building with the ground and built a mansion-house with a swimming pool,” the source reports. All that property has been arrested.

On October 21, 2014, the Attorney General’s Office of Ukraine put Bohatyryova on the wanted list over embezzlement of 6.5 million hryvnias in 2012 in the course of procurement of immunobiological products, drugs and medical equipment. For the period of investigation, the ex-minister’s funds – US$100,000 and 300,000 hryvnias have been seized too.  Interpol put the ex-minister on the wanted list on January 9 2015.

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