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Russian Security Council: United States mulls technology of “color revolution” in Russia

The United States is very likely to apply a technology of “color revolution” in Russia, according to the analysis of the U.S. National Security Strategy published on the website of the Russian Security Council.

“To liquidate the undesirable political regimes, the United States will widely use improved technologies of ‘color revolutions.’ Such technologies are very likely to be used against Russia,” the document says. “In the long-term outlook, U.S. in cooperation with its allies will continue the policy towards economic isolation of Russia, including restriction of its energy export opportunities and ousting from the sales market of its military products. This will impede production of high-tech products in Russia.”

In addition, the Security Council believes the U.S. and its allies will exert genuine efforts to change the policy of Russia’s partner-countries and reduce Russia’s influence in the post-Soviet area. In Russia, they anticipate the U.S. to continue its course towards “further global domination” and “development of NATO’s combat efficiency and increase of U.S. military presence in the Asia-Pacific region.” The military power will be further considered as the major means of national security and interests of the U.S.,” the Security Council says in the analysis pointing at the evident anti-Russian nature of the U.S. Security Strategy (unlike the previous one published in 2010).

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The White House published the new National Security Strategy of the United States on February 6.  The introduction of the document – signed by President Barack Obama – among others highlights such threats to the U.S. national security “cybersecurity, aggression by Russia, the accelerating impacts of climate change, and the outbreak of infectious diseases”.

The text of the strategy says the U.S. will continue to impose significant costs on Russia “through sanctions and other means while countering Moscow’s deceptive propaganda with the unvarnished truth.” Washington will “remain alert to Russia’s strategic capabilities”, and help “allies and partners.”  “At the same time, we will keep the door open to greater collaboration with Russia in areas of common interests,” the text of the strategy reads.  The measures to “counter Moscow” have already been included in the budget address – published in Washington on Feb 2 -  to the Obama administration.

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