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The United States wants to strike at all Russian fisheries

Photo: Thomas Vogel / unsplash.com

American senators from the Republican Party have introduced a new anti-Russian proposal. Dan Sullivan (from Alaska) and Susan Collins (from Maine) want to ban eco-labeling for fish caught in Russian fish. Details today, July 10, RBC reports, citing its own sources.

"Republican Senators Dan Sullivan (from Alaska) and Susan Collins (from Maine) sent a letter with such demands to the CEO of the Marine Stewardship Council, Rupert Howes, in April 2024," the source writes.

So far, the Marine Stewardship Council has not begun to revoke certificates issued to Russian fishermen. The organization also made it possible for large fishing companies to complete the registration of new certificates in a special order and according to an exceptional scheme, so that products from Russia was supplied to the world market.

The All-Russian Organization of Fishermen also commented on this news. The head of the association, German Zverev, said that many countries use non-governmental environmental certification systems as a tool for managing and influencing the market. The expert is sure that up to 20% of the global catch falls under their regulation.

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