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Russian detachment of ships holds exercises in Philippine Sea

A detachment of Pacific Fleet comprising large anti-submarine ships “Admiral Vinogradov,” “Admiral Tributs” and average marine tanker “Pechenga” continues a long march in the Philippine Sea, TASS reported today, on May 16.

Ships of the detachment refueled with water and fuel from Pechenga marine tanker and conducted exercises and trainings to locate and track submarine of conventional enemy, the defense ministry reported. In cooperation with the shipborne aviation groups the crews ensured flights of Ka-27 anti-submarine helicopters. Pilots of the Pacific Fleet naval aviation carried out over 10 take-offs and landings on the deck of ships in search of conventional enemy’s submarine.

According to the source, sailors conducted trainings on communications, joint tactical maneuvering, fighting for ship survivability, organizing search and rescue at sea.

 As EADaily reported earlier, the detachment of Pacific Fleet set off from Vladivostok for a two-month march on May 7. During sailing, the ships will visit some foreign ports and participate in Russian-Chinese joint military naval exercises Maritime Interaction 2018.

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